The Cynical Cartoons Podcast is like We Hate Movies or How Did This Get Made for animation! Every week, Tyler and his guests nerd out over animated television an film. We may even host some interviews from time to time! Feel free to donate to the show at

#125 Despicable Me (w/ Geeky Glasses TV)


Tyler and Daniel kick off the Cynical Cartoons GRUtacular with a reluctant viewing of Despicable Me. Donate at to hear an extended cut of this episode!

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#124: Phil Lamarr from Samurai Jack/Futurama/Justice League!


Tyler talks to prolific voice actor Phil Lamarr about the series finale of Samurai Jack, the upcoming Futurama app, and playing characters originated by other actors. Also, we do a round of rapid fire questions and talk #Manwich vs #BigkahunaBurger!

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#123: The Boss Baby (w/ The Watch and Talk)


Tyler and Dylan wear a 3 piece baby suit and try to get the big promotion when we watch The Boss Baby!

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#122: Space Stars (w/ TV Guidance Counselor)


Tyler and Ken fight Uglor and tap on the glass when we watch the pilot to SPACE STARS featuring Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts!

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