Every week, we take a look at a weird piece of animation history! Whether that's a kids cartoon based on an R rated action movie or an ill-conceived reboot, we're gonna break it down. I'm here if you need to talk!

I'm transgender!


Catching you up to where I've been PLUS an announcement about new episodes coming soon!

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SOUNDTRASH - Shrek (2001)


Tyler and Ian premiere an all-new podcast about movie soundtracks. We kick things off here with our discussion of the iconic movie soundtrack: SHREK!

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Tyler and Ian introduce an all-new show where we goof around and talk about trash.

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#154: Joshua Conkel Interview! (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)


Tyler and Zack chat with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina writer Joshua Conkel about bringing darkness and camp to the franchise, horror influences, how it differs from past incarnations, and what's to come in season 1! Sabrina premieres on Netflix Oct 26.

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