If you have stumbled upon this podcast by the recommendation of a friend or purely by circumstance, I suggest you turn back immediately. Should you choose to listen to this show you will encounter rabid fans of the A Series of Unfortunate Events, speculation on the upcoming Netflix adaption, and general tom-foolery of the most miserable variety. You have been thoroughly warned.

Austere Academy Part 2 (Netflix)


Tyler and B get swole from S.O.R.E. and go full-blown acme style on Count Olaf.

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Austere Academy Part 1 (Netflix)


Tyler and B are sent to a miserable school full of irascible bullies. Tune in, cakesniffers!

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Season 2 First Impressions


Tyler and B have a semi-spoilery discssion about our season 2 first impressions! We talk things we loved, things we tolerated, and things to come.

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Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights? (Book Discussion)


Tyler, B, and Gabe are 3 cowardly librarians who witness a murder and knowingly accuse an innocent woman. Also, Tyler and B discuss the official trailer for ASOUE season 2!

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