One thought on “Unfortunate Associates: Season 2 Casting Announcements!

  1. I love your podcast, and have been listening on and off for a while. I watched the movie after reading the first three books when the trailer for the movie first came out. Then, I bought a few of the books in the series, but time got away from me. I ended up getting excited for this series, and, with a friend who loved the books and movie, decided we would read a book, then watch the episodes of the book. So, it took us a while to go through the Netflix series, as we would read the book around the same time, then watch the episodes. I also watched the parts of the movie related to the book (when applicable), too. It was fun listening to your discussion of the books after I went through them. I’m finally catching up with the episode discussions, though I have listened to some of the interviews. I really love the dynamic between you two (the hosts), and sadly enjoy your unfortunate conversations.
    This particular episode was fun and reminded me to go back to listen to more of the episodes, which I’m now excited to rewatch the series (when time permits). I just wanted to say thank you for all the time you’ve spent discussing this series of unfortunate events.

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